The VibroChili is a 40 watt RMS, power house, compact, combo.  It's essentially a 67 black face A964 using (2) 6L6GC power tubes and two 10" Weber 10F150 speakers.  There are few mods that don't affect the original circuit, such as the Cesar Diaz mod lifting the power to the tremolo circuit for an added gain stage, and a foot switchable mid boost.  Switching it in gives a nice boost for leads running the tone stack through added resistor/capacitor.  A 1/4" jack for record/line out is another optional added feature.  Standard are dual bias adjusting pots, one for each power tube.  Quality components throughout including JJ power tubes, Alpha and CTS potentiometers, Switchcraft jacks, Carling and Alpha switches.  Available in all covering choices shown on "Coverings" page.

Deposit for Tube-Tone Vibrolux

$ 700 USD

Deposit for Tube-Tone Chili-Bob amplifier.  Total price is $1810 with free ground shipping in continental US, or $1760 plus shipping to other destinations.  Please inquire on our discounted FedEx and GLS shipping price.  Specify cover and grill cloth, pilot light color, 120v or 230v.  California residents, sales tax is added.


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