Here is a head Leo never made but should have.  He had something similar with the Bandmaster but it had no reverb and a smaller OT.  CBS came out with a Bandmaster Reverb but by that time, CBS was making their design changes already.  This head is two heads in one.  The circuit of the 64 Super Reverb AB763 and the circuit of the 64 Vibroverb AB763 were very similar.  The only real difference besides the output transformer was the mid cap value and a resistor of the NFB network.  The Super had a mid control and Vibroverb had a fixed resistor instead but with mid set to 7-8, it's the same as the fixed resistor.  This Supervibe head has a switch in the rear that changes those component values from the Super to the Vibroverb.  The difference in tone is very subtle yet some prefer one, some the other.  This also uses the larger 50w OT of the Super, compared to the 40w OT of the Bandmaster.

The Supervibe comes with two double foot swith boxes.  One turns on/off reverb and tremolo.  The other is boost and gain.  The boost switch is similar to the Dumble boost switch giving a mid boost by sending the tone stack through a resistor/capacitor combination to ground.  The "gain" switch unloads the power to the tremolo tube giving the other preamp tubes added gain, similar to one of the mods by Cesar Diaz for SRV's Vibroverb as well as done by "Lord Valve" for Derek Trucks's Super Reverb. 

 Supervibe comes with our dual bias adjustment pots, one for each power tube.  You'll never need to buy matched pairs of power tubes ever again.  This also has a multi-secondary output transformer and an impedance switch to allow you to use many different speaker combinations using either 2, 4, or 8 ohm load.  Depending on voltages required, transformers are either Heyboer or Magnetic Components "Classic Tone".  Tube compliment: WZ34 Copper Cap, (2)JJ 6L6GC, (2) JJ 12AT7, (4) JJ 12AX7.

Below pictured is the new 'low-boy' style head cabinet as of April, 2011.  Originally, we had copied the Bandmaster Reverb / Dual Showman Reverb heads for height but have since found no problems lowering it to 10 inches overall height.  The one pictured also has the optional power scaling, on/off switch.

Deposit for Tube-Tone Supervibe

$ 700 USD

Deposit for Tube-Tone Supervibe head.  Total price is $1680 shipped in the continental US, or $1630 plus shipping elsewhere.  Please specify covering and grill cloth, pilot light color, 120V or 230V.  California residents, sales tax is added.


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