The Tube-Tone Pro is a re-creation of one of the black face Fender Pro Reverb from the 60's.  Comes normally with (2) 12" Weber 12F150T.  It is like a younger brother to the Twin Reverb.  It has half the power tubes, half the power, less weight than a Twin yet still has plenty of punch and drive at levels that won't harm your hearing.  There is an impedance selector switch on the rear for running the amp with different speaker cabinet additions.

The Pro comes with two foot switch boxes.  One turns on/off reverb and tremolo.  The other is for the boost mod.  When not activated, circuit is just like the original black face Pro Reverb AA165.  The boost switch is similar to the Dumble boost switch, giving a mid boost by sending the tone stack through a resistor/capacitor combination to ground.  The "gain" switch unloads the power to the tremolo tube giving the other preamp tubes added gain, similar to one of the mods by Cesar Diaz for SRV's Vibroverb, as well as done by "Lord Valve" for Derek Trucks's Super Reverb.   

 The Pro pictured was a special-ordered finished wood cabinet, but normally comes in the usual silver grill cloth with black tolex covering or any other covering options.  This one also has optional impedance selector added.

deposit for Tube-Tone Pro

$ 700.00 USD

Deposit for Tube-Tone Pro amplifier.  Total price is $1799 with free ground shipping in continental US, or $1750 plus shipping to other destinations.  Please inquire on our discounted FedEx and GLS shipping price.  Specify cover and grill cloth, pilot light color, 120v or 230v.
California residents, sales tax is added.


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