3x (3 amp) customer:
"By the way the tone of deluxe plus is getting better and better every day I use. The speaker i is already broken in and the tone is heavenly. But flet me tell you this, your amps shines with old RCA tubes :)"
Emre Alp -
Ankara, Turkey

2x customer:
"After a quick test at bedroom levels I am very impressed. One of the quietest amps I've ever heared. And turned up a little bit, a great sounding one. Just a little more hights and tighter bass than the Vicky. I can't wait to check it out on a rehearsal on Thursday.
As far as I can say now: You did a great job! ... 
Had the chance to check out the amp during a rehearsal. Wow! That's what you call a bassman. Power, sound an balls. This one offers all you need. Thank you for building it."
Thorsten Frerk - Hamm,  Germany

 Australian amp tech moding a Tube-Tone Princeton-Plus:
"But BLOODY HELL....I just loved the tone of this little baby..... and breaks up really nicely after about vol 4. Prolly not telling U anything U haven't already heard..
Been a pleasure working on your/Steves/Fiona's amp - just thought I feed back some info for you.. Was a nice break from working on mostly Boogies...

Kind Regards,

Dave Barbic
DBE Engineering,
Canberra, Aus. "

"Raybob of Tube-Tone helped me recreate the amp used on early Dire Straits records, i.e. the 62 brownface Vibrolux. Or to be more precise we used the core circuit of this amp, but then added a lot of versatility such as reverb, gain channel, half-power switch ... I even got a brown faceplate with the name of my own choice: “Vibrolux Custom Amp”. Another of my many wishes was to get an amp with less weight to carry, and this one is only 42.7 pounds. Yet, It sounds like a much bigger amp, and it’s loud enough. Never in my life have I played a 1 x 12” amp sounding as good as this one."
Tom Buur - Aalborg, Denmark

"About a month ago I went into this cool guitar shop called Empire Guitars in Providence, RI;  the shop had an original 1965 Super Reverb in mint condition, recently recapped and serviced.  $3900 smackers.  I played an original 1962 sunburst Strat through it (guitar was $35,000).  Opened up the package today, pulled the amp out, it is gorgeous.  Just stunning.  Put it in my studio, set the Treble on 6, Bass on 4 1/2, Reverb on 2, Bright switch off and Gain engaged.  It blows away the original Super Reverb.  The best guitar sound I've ever had, and heard.  Volume-wise, the sweet spot is at 6.  Perfect hair on the notes, perfectly clean with guitar turned down.  What can I say.  Best amp ever?  Quite possibly.  Been a long, strange trip, but worth it.  Thanks again."
 Alex Platt - New Bedford, MA

"The Head is beautiful , and the sound gave me want to tears of happiness , I have some nice Amps but your Twin blow them away .  Thank you for all you did and please thank everyone who worked on this amp."

Michel Percevaux - champs sur marne, France

"... your amp is great of course!..."

Gregor Hilden - Munster, Germany

"It was really well packed ... sounds great , very much the same as the deluxe 64 i've had . I know its a good amp . I really enjoy the sound of the amp and i play my first gig with it tonight ."

Marc Claes - Midi-Pyrénées, France
"I have been playing on it for the past week and have thoroughly enjoyed the quality of the build and the vintage tone of the amplifier.  I thank you for your attention to all of the details and the quality of your workmanship.  ...  I showed the amplifier to a good friend of mine who has one of the remanufactured Fender Deluxe Reverb amps.  He was very favorably impressed as well.  He is a professional musician and was amazed at the sound quality of the Tube-Tone Deluxe."

Dale Elmore - Maryville, TN

"I just wanted to let you know that the Tube-Tone Vibro-Champ ...
  I absolutely love it!!!  Once again, it is a superior build and another wonderful, warm, vintage-sounding, Tube-Tone amp.  I could not be more pleased.  Thank you so much for your skill and talent.  I appreciate the quality of your work and the professional manner in which you run your business.  You are the best!!!"

Dale Elmore - Maryville, TN

"My first impression is that this is one of the greatest amps i have ever played.  I Really got this "Back to the sixties feeling" when catching so easily all these favorite sounds of mine out of this amp.  Thanks Raybob for the great amp you build." 

Tuomas Hakola - Kantvik, Finland

"I played 3-4 hours yesterday on the amp, and probably at least 3 so far today. ... Sweet guitar sounds. It's a blues machine! Lots of that today. And the crunch is nice when it's turned up a little with the gain switch on.  ... I love the amp. One of the guys I play with at an open mike wants to take it home. Of course you're getting some good advertising - it sells itself."

Marvin Moss - Fuquay Varina, NC

"Everything looks nice and seems to be working in a genuinely solid manner.  The amp's tone is clean, crisp, everything a blackface is supposed to be, while staying toasty warm.  I think this thing is going to see a whole lot of playing time and be around for a long time!  Thanks for your punctuality and respect for your customers, Raybob."

Joshua LeBreton - Lafayette, LA

"Sounds awesome.  Really dig it... the tone is awesome.  Reverb rocks.  Sounds great with all my guitars and impressively quiet for a vibrolux! ... LOVE the sound.  Best amp I've ever owned by a mile"
Rob Kolar - Santa Monica, CA

"Today i've received the Vibrolux Amp and i'm more than happy!!!
It's an amazing and in all points fantastic sounding Amp!!
Many thanks for that faboulus Vibrolux Amp!!   If i need one more Fender Amp in the future (and i know i need one in the near future;-) - i will only buy it from you!!!"
Lukas Schildberger - Arbesthal, Austria

I have to tell you I am beyond impressed with the Pro-Verb and the quality of service I received from you throughout the build.  The amp has exceeded all of my expectations.  The amp sounds spectacular.  If that is not enough, the tremolo is to die for.  I've been using tremolo pedals for years (I have gone through all the major tremolo builders) -- some of them sounded great but none come close to the tremolo on the Pro-Verb.  Good lord the tremolo on this amp alone is worth the price of admission.  Again thanks for the amp and delivering it on schedule (pretty rare with a custom builder these days).
Laz Cabañas - Lafayette, NJ


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