All covering options no extra charge except aged tweed +$30 
Finished wood cabinets +$150 and up, depending on type of wood and finish required

Some of the options listed below are standard with some models.  All options are not available for all models.

Input voltage selector knob, for International / U.S. voltages   +$100
Multiple Impedance selector +$100
Added "Middle" tone control (for channels with no MID control)  +$80
Three knob reverb (mix, dwell, tone) +$150
FX Loop (Preamp out/Power In Jacks)  +$100
Headphone jack/spk cut +$90

Unbalanced line-out   +$60
Bug (LDR) style tremolo converted to bias modulating tremolo +$120
G10 Glass Epoxy eyelet board  +$50
Bias probe jacks +$80 (+$130 for Twin)
(4) Bias pots on Twin  +$140
Mid-Boost Foot switch   + $75
Diaz Gain switch   +$60
Switchable solid state/tube rectifier   +$100
Half-Power (Pentode/Triode) switch  +$80
Variable power scaling by London Power  +$350
Weber Beam Blockers +$20 each speaker
Fender Tilt-back legs  +$60
D2F padded cover  +$50
Vinyl cover  +$25

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